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Embrace the future of Voice over IP.

Demand for cloud-hosted PBX is growing and are becoming more attractive to small and medium enterprises (SME’s). vGRID Voice Services offers a cloud-ready PBX hosted in the cloud as a dedicated instance, businesses full control over their PBX and data. Rather than a scaled-down shared PBX solution, vGRID Voice offers a fully dedicated server, together with the advanced feature set of the underlying PBX technology from industry leader 3CX. Now customers can enjoy a cloud PBX without any compromise on functionality.

Boost Productivity

SME’s are especially primed for a major boost in productivity by adopting a cloud-based voice system that’s accessible remotely. Especially useful for those with limited time. Having a text readout of voice messages that you can quickly scroll through and prioritise is a major improvement to sitting through seemingly endless voice messages after you return to your desk.

Easily Accessible

The true benefit of a cloud-based voice service is the knowledge that your important messages are retained and preserved, allowing you to access them from anywhere. Data preservation is key and knowing that your business voice messages are kept securely offsite is an obvious benefit.

Flexible and Modular

Flexibility and agility are two key phrases every small business owner loves. Because of the nature of business that occurs with a small business owner’s day-to-day life, knowing you have the ability to scale back or upgrade your cloud-based phone systems is a major benefit.

SIP Trunking

All calls delivered directly to a designated end-point such as your in-house SIP capable PBX.

Hosted PBX

Fully hosted, access from anywhere, phone system in the cloud option. We take care of the call routing, call flows, extensions, voicemail and so much more!

Multi-Path Resilience

vGRID operates multiple session-border gateways allowing you to configure fail-over and fall-back options for resilience.

Enforced Quality

Leveraging vGRID Layer-2 network services you can add QoS controls to ensure voice services get priority on the network.

If you’re a small or medium-sized enterprise looking for a flexible partner to handle your phone systems and simplify voicemail messaging in a cost-effective manner, contact a vGRID certified Voice partner today.

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